Take a Picture of PRESCRIPTION

Easily snap an image of the providers prescription using your mobile device.


Send to Pharmacy in ONE TOUCH

Send the digital prescription instantly to any nearby pharmacy.


Pharmacy works on the PRESCRIPTION

Pharmacy receives your prescription and starts to work on it. Skip drop off lines.



Receive a notification on your mobile device when prescription is ready for pickup.


Welcome to SnapPrescriptN

laptop and mobile deviceAre you tired of waiting in long lines? Do you just want to be notified when your prescription is ready for pick up at the pharmacy? Well, with SnapPrescriptN this is now very possible!

With the rise of technology, smartphones, and the Internet, we have developed SnapPrescriptN– a downloadable mobile pharmacy app that you can use to snap a picture of your drug prescription, send it to the pharmacy of your choice, and get notified when you can pick up your prescription! So, for a convenient pharmacy experience, make sure you download the SnapPrescriptNapp today by going to
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Our Story

nurse doing paper works

SnapPrescriptN is a convenient way to send your prescription to pharmacy. We have developed this software because we want to improve the traditional pharmacy workflow by eliminating the drop off RX process.

We have found a way to eliminate the long lines just to pick-up your prescription. Essentially, the SnapPrescriptN app was developed to provide convenience for people who simply don’t want to wait for a long time. The SnapPrescriptN app was developed as a pharmacy digital health technology and it was created by a licensed and practicing pharmacist.

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