About Us

Convenience, efficiency, and speed – this is something that SnapPrescriptN can provide. With the rising popularity of smartphones and applications today, we have decided to develop an app that can help a lot of people get their pharmaceutical needs conveniently.

pharmacistsSnapPrescriptN was originally designed to help improve pharmacy digital health technology and it was created by a licensed and practicing pharmacist. It is a user-friendly and user-motivated app designed to be beneficial to others.

It was created for:

  • Tired individuals who just want to pick-up their prescriptions after their checkup.
  • Mothers/ Fathers/ Caregivers with sick children who do not want to wait in line.
  • Disabled patients who aren’t healthy enough to stand and wait around.

It is a useful downloadable app that you can get today! Simply download it at SnapPrecriptN Logo App Icon Istore Icon snap a pick of your prescription; send it to your pharmacy; and pick up your prescription fast and easy!

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